Friday, March 6, 2015

Sega Na Lega (No worries)

I'm leaving tomorrow to take a trip to visit my Fijian family with a new bunch of high school students in tow (22 to be exact).  I'll be with my trusty companion and workmate, Sam.  I'd be lying if I said I was ready physically and emotionally to board the plane tomorrow.  Nonetheless, it's going to happen.

The pace of life in Fiji will be a welcome change from the emotional stress of the last few weeks, the illness in our home, etc.  I know it will, but I may not quite believe it until I get there.

Until we're all safely reunited, I'll be sending positive vibes to all my work friends and coworkers also on a weeklong trip elsewhere in the world with twenty some kids, too.  Particularly, I'll be thinking of my mum on her hiking Interim in Japan. And of course, my family staying behind in HK.

And, I'll be happy to be safely in my own home again.  But, as the Fijians say Sega na lega or no worries

Back in a week, peeps.

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