Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Island to Island with Louella Odie

These days, I just don't travel without my Louella Odie kit in tow.  I'm a Louella Girl, you see (more on that in a later post).  

Our village is in the background.

Naturally, my Louella Odie Pomfret bag and my Silk Beach Wrap from their Island Life collection came with me on my school trip to Fiji. The Slouchy Pouch with a fish on it came, too but it didn't make an appearance on this trip.

As I mentioned before, my Fiji trip was not your typical resort style travel experience.  When I go to Fiji, I live like a local in a village with my Fiji family. 

It's always great to catch up with friends like Kiko, who I hadn't seen since my Fiji trip in 2008. He was living in Darwin, but returned this year.    

Island living leaves lots of time, or Fiji Time as we call it, for shooting the breeze, telling stories and enjoying the ocean breeze.  It's the Fiji version of stop and smell the roses.

There is many a gorgeous sunset to be enjoyed as well.  The colors of each one are always different so I made sure to watch the sun set every evening.  

My Louella Odie Pomfret bag served many purposes on this trip.  First, it was my carry on to take with me on the plane.

Then it became my carry-all around the village.  In it I always had my Fiji water, a fan, my sunnies, some mosquito spray, some after bite lotion and of course sun block.  These are just the bare necessities.  

For days at the beach, I also threw in my extra clothes, my Silk Beach Wrap, a book and my toiletries.  I was really glad my Louella Odie bag was so versatile.  Such a good travel companion.

It's no surprise that pieces from the Island Life collection would fit right in beautifully on a different island.  They were absolutely meant to be!

The Coral Coast Railway, out of commission since the cyclone four years ago.

I wonder where else my Louella Odie goodies will go?


Emilie said...

That wrap would be perfect for me :-P Would love to visit Fiji some day!

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