Friday, February 13, 2015

A shock of red

My original plan for this outfit was to wear my hot pink beanie to off set the neutrals of this look.  When the morning came, I couldn't find it.  It turns out I did a boy look and it was right on the top of my stool next to the vanity in my bedroom, but I didn't realize this until I got home later.

So, the hubby suggested I borrow his red beanie instead.  As it turns out, I like the red with this outfit better anyhow.  Funny how his suggestions make things better; he's got a keen eye, that one.

The rest of the outfit was totally inspired by the woman who I bought the blazer from on Etsy.  Her shop is called Noir Ohio Vintage.  I've mentioned her shop before in a few places, both on this blog in my post about Stevie Nicks and on my other blog on Style by Asia, Sisters in Vintage HK.  

The Etsy seller Maggie had styled this blazer with a striped top and high waisted black skinny jeans, and the look was perfection.  

I like color, though, so I made this look my own by adding the beanie.  In these winter months, I'm such a fan of beanies and all kinds of hats.  I think I've had my head covered with one or the other four out of five days this school week. You can check my Instagram feed for proof @imanorbyah.

 The red is kind of an auspicious color for next week, too.  We're mere minutes away from the start of our Chinese New Year week off.  I'll be pulling out a lot of red for next week.

Oh, and Valentine's Day, too.  But I'm not so much into that.  We'll celebrate it in our typical family Valentine's Day way (see here).

Have a look at @noirohio for more style inspiration, too.

Outfit deets: Vintage blazer - Noir Ohio on Etsy, Black skinny jeans with DIY distressed knees - Urban Outfitters, Cropped striped t-shirt (cropped shorter by me) - Cotton On, Skyline handbag - Louella Odie, Shoemint booties and the hubby's beanie.

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