Friday, January 30, 2015

How does your garden grow?

Mine's a rooftop garden.  But it's a garden nonetheless.

In those pots behind me grow pineapples, basil, spring onions, lemongrass, tomatoes, aloe vera, and other herbs.  Have you ever eaten a pineapple straight off the plant?  It's the sweetest pineapple I've ever tasted.  

Our rooftop garden isn't as lush and green as I imagine Karl Lagerfeld envisioned for his SS/15 Haute Couture Spring Garden collection for Chanel, but my outfit isn't exactly Haute Couture now, is it.

I normally don't get style inspiration from the runway.  My looks are less sophisticated, less high fashion.   But something about these looks (see more here) caught my eye.  There's something very wearable about them.  

There's whimsy.  There's vintage appeal.  They wore beanies! I think I'd wear nearly everything that he sent down the runway.  If I had the funds, of course.

So here's my I'm a Norbyah version.  More me.  Way less expensive.

And here's my silly runway walk.  Bear with me, alright?

I considered trying to edit the tiredness out of my face, but I left it in.  Work has been busy this week, students are finishing research papers.

And my mouth is still too severe.  At least I'm looking into the camera, right?


laureninHK said...

I love that you didn't try to edit the 'tiredness' out! You still look so stylish and gorgeous - and real! Down to airbrushing, and props to you for being so sweet about the fact that some days we all look a little tired! Loving your cat walk too :)

Sharon said...

Natural beauty is best, Norbyah. :-) --Sharon

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