Sunday, January 4, 2015

Holiday birthday

My big girl Ella could very easily have been a New Year's baby. She was born on January 3rd and she was the earliest of the three.  And the fastest.  Only three hours (start to finish), only four minutes to push her out.  

There are pros and cons of having this birthday. Pros: you have everyone (friends and family) around to celebrate because they're all here for Christmas anyhow. Cons: you have no one around to help you celebrate because they're all on holiday.

None of this bothers my girl.  She's so amazingly good natured that every year she claims that birthday to be the best day ever.  This is a true fact.  She really does say this every year.  And she means it.

This year, her best day consisted of her Daddy cooking her up a yummy storm of meals.  Roti canai for brekky, pizza for dinner and ice box cake for dessert.  We bought her a unicorn onesie and her Daddy also built her a fort outside that was the envy of every neighborhood boy.  

Really, we should all take a page out of Ella's book.  Life would always be happy.
I cannot believe she's a big nine year old now.

Happy birthday my darling girl.

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