Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Feeling the chill

Last week, I spent all of Tuesday outside for a shoot.  In the only cold, wet, rainy day of the week.  While the day itself was a treat (soooo much fun trying my hand at styling with a real professional model and modeling myself), being cold was not so much.  Mel, the model, and I spent every moment we could in front of two little space heaters.

Thankfully, Wednesday was a much sunnier day.  Not a drop of rain (oh, the irony of planning a shoot around the weather).  It was still brisk.  In fact, because I was chilled to the bone the day before, it took most of Wednesday to warm completely back up.

The light of the sunny day made me remember how much I love my pink alley in Stanley Market.  For once, the heating vent from my dry cleaners was a place to huddle up for warmth, rather than race past to avoid sweating.

Last light of day is so perfect in this alley.  Can you see the sunlight changing color behind me? 

I don't know when I'll get the whole looking into the camera thing.  Even after a day with a real professional photographer (who didn't ask me to look into the camera). 

I did discover that I make my mouth look severe and so I've got to try to make it look less so.  Any ideas?  The photographer said to give him 8% of a smile.

If you want to see behind the scenes pictures of the photo shoot, have a peek at my Instagram feed @imanorbyah (www.instagram.com/imanorbyah)

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