Thursday, January 15, 2015

Eco Chic Design Awards: Grand Final week begins

When I checked Timehop on my phone today, I noticed that one year ago on this day I was headed out to last year's Eco Chic Design Award Finals.  Redress has invited me to the event again this year and I cannot wait to go.

This year, I've had the pleasure of actually interviewing some of the designers and learning more about their process before the big event.  I have one more interview that I'm hoping to share before Wednesday, but the busyness of the week leading up to the event may prevent that from happening.  Nevertheless, you can go back and read about Laurensia Salim, the finalist from Singapore in my interview here.

Grand Final week starts tomorrow with an exciting line up of activities, but I'll only be attending the fashion show on Wednesday evening.  Tomorrow, the designers will take part in a Ford Design challenge in which they'll design an outfit out of recycled materials found in Ford automobiles.  I'm hoping to see their designs from this challenge as well.

Also this year, lovely readers, you will be able to see the show as they will be live streaming it via  Tune in at 9am (GMT) on January 21st to see their designs come down the runway and watch for me!

To give you a taste of what's in store, Redress sent over some exclusive images from their recent photo shoot with model Bonnie Chen.  I've shared the pieces that I'm particularly looking forward to seeing next week.  They have that vintage flair that always grabs my eye.

Have a look at the behind the scenes video of the photo shoot.  I'm excited!

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