Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Wrapping it up for 2014

It's been a milestone year, which is kind of weird to say because technically the milestone part didn't come till nearly the end when I turned 40 this month.  It's been a milestone year for many other reasons, too.  It's hard to try and capture it all here, but I'll try to hit the highlights.

Probably one of the most exciting things to happen this year was the beginning of a new blog Sisters in Vintage HK over on Style by Asia.  My fellow Etsy addict Jackaline and I write a post each week, sharing our love of all things vintage for the wider audience of Hong Kong and Asia.  So many new things have come about from my connection with Sandra Smedhall and Style by Asia (a big one is up first in the new year, can't wait to share it).  I love our blogger meet ups and I feel so privileged to be a part of this blogging community.

Aside from writing a new blog, I've been having fun collaborating with people on my blog, too.  I've been so flattered to have people reach out to ask if we can work together. First up was a collaboration with Circuit Jewelery, a brand new jewelery start up, photographed by my friend Akiko Sakai.  Loris and Pirry and I are planning some future work together in the new year, too.

Over the summer, I wrote a travelogue with handbag and accessory designer Louella Odie.  This was an amazing opportunity to not only showcase the designs of this local Hong Kong designer, but also to share stories of the places I get to visit each summer.  The hubby was an invaluable asset with his artistic direction and photography skills. I don't think I could have accomplished the seven week long travelogue to the degree of success I had without him.  While I wrote weekly blog posts, Karen Mead, the artist behind the designs, illustrated my journey. I really loved this project.

I'm so excited to know Lauren and Karen and watch their year-old company take off. One of the things I love to do is facilitate connections and help like minded people meet. One such connection was with Lauren and Sandra of Style by Asia.  I loved to see Louella Odie as Guest Blogger as well as featured by another Style by Asia blogger, Visala.  Next year, I'm looking forward to more fun projects with Louella Odie.

Next up, I tried a new role this year: stylist.  I worked on two separate projects.  First was a lookbook for Baglady Basics, another new designer and my friend Shanya Greene (I also did Month of Baglady Style to help showcase their designs).  Lovely Akiko and I worked together on this shoot which primarily used places in Stanley Market as a backdrop.  We had fun planning and shooting, and learned some valuable lessons about fashion photography along the way (how to make them appear taller, how to best highlight the features of a dress, etc).

Then, I introduced my friend Maria of What the Frock to Lauren of Louella Odie and we organized a collaboration between the two designers using the lovely girls from The Duality, Natalie and Gabriella as models. Location was our Stanley, this time up at Murray House.  Akiko and I are becoming quite the team.  She and I have great fun working together, her as photographer and me as stylist (and sometimes model).

I did a tiny project as stylist for my own little girl when Plug PR contacted me about using Ugg Australia boots.  Little Cally loved being a model and her sister helped me as my assistant stylist.  

Finally, along with my friends at Print House, Hughie and Akiko, we hosted a first of many events for Stanley Market.  This one was called Stanley Market Pop Up Shop and featured designers and small fashion companies like Baglady Basics, Spanish Shoes HK, Louella Odie and introducing Print House as a location for many exciting events.  We collaborated with their neighbour Le Magasin, a French Deli and grocerie who provided a wine tasting and jazz music.  We took lessons from this first event and are excited to host some new ones next year.

I am so grateful for my friends who share in the success of I'm a Norbyah.  You know who you are, and my life is enriched because of you.  Here's looking ahead to 2015 with much anticipation and excitement!

Happy New Year!!!

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Sharon said...

Norbyah, I've really enjoyed following your blog this year! What an amazing year for you! You've inspired me to start my own blog, which will include my own love for vintage/thrift items, along with my other interests and passions. I'd love to chat and get some wisdom from you since I'm fairly a newbie to this online blogging fashion world. If you have to dialogue by e-mail or skype, that would be wonderful! Happy New Year!

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