Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Witchy woman

I did it again. I wore the same outfit twice not only because I wanted to take outfit pictures, but also because I loved the outfit. Oh, and maybe also because I was reliving the amazing 40th birthday party when I wore it the first time.  Baglady Basics dresses are perfect for wearing over and over, though.  They're so easily styled to look different (even though I didn't do that this time).  There are many fabulous dresses available on their website, but this one is sold out at the moment.

The second time around, instead of wearing this to my rooftop party (where these pictures were snapped), I wore this outfit to school. Yes, I did. 

I'm often asked by people I meet at events if I dress the way I do at school, too.  My answer is always yes.  Why not?  Who said you can't wear what you like to work?  Who said you have to wait for a special occasion to dress up?  Not me!

Granted, I didn't get the same reception at school as I did for my party. One student wondered who I reminded him of and when I suggested a witch? He immediately said that's it! But why are you dressed up for Halloween nearly two months later?

Better yet, I stopped one of my colleagues dead in his tracks. He smiled, and then asked who I was that day.  I said, I'm me?  I don't think he knew quite how to recover from that and he sheepishly explained that he thought it was Spirit Day already.  

People don't always know how to take me.  I'm okay with that.

Thanks to my friends Lauren and Karen over at Louella Odie for letting me borrow this gorgeous Elephant Selfie clutch.  It's hand lino-printed on leather by Karen herself and it's probably one of my favorite whimsical prints. It figures, the girl who now owns three selfie sticks (all gifts!) likes the clutch with the elephant taking a selfie with its trunk.  Can't wait to work with them on more fun projects next year.  Keep watching this space and their website.

A quick update on Baglady Basics:  they're still pouring out new ideas and great inspiration for ladies on the go.  Speaking of being on the go, designer Shanya Greene has recently relocated back to the US, but business remains based in China.  Stay tuned, I think next year things will pick up for this brand new business.

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Unknown said...

I love dressing up - though I cannot always dress up for work due to the kind of things that we do or deal with. But hey I think you look amazing, you are dressed appropriately and so who cares that you look like a fabulous witch? :)

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