Thursday, December 25, 2014

Have yourself a merry little Christmas

I have to admit, a few days ago it hit me that this year we would have no one around on Christmas day.  

The sisters didn't come to Hong Kong this year so my parents went to New York.  

We've usually had stragglers, my uncle, work friends, friends, who have joined us on Christmas day for a feast.  We pride ourselves in taking in Christmas orphans.  The more the merrier.

We'll have none of that this year.  Just us.  The five of us.

I felt a little twinge of sadness.  But, in the days since it hit me, I've busied myself with the business of just being a mum and wife and enjoying only this small little family for Christmas.

Mostly it's been staying in jammies all morning, listening to giddy excited children (Buddy wrote 6:30 am on all our weekly schedules) and making new traditions to join some of our favorite old ones.

Merry Christmas lovely ones!  We'll see you for an exciting wrap up before the new year!

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