Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Feel Good Fashion starts with awareness

Lately what's been popping up on my newsfeed has been videos and articles sharing the disgusting (and ridiculous) consumerism that happens on Black Friday.  Have you seen this?  It's not just an American phenomenon, but it's spreading to other countries.  There's Cyber Monday, and just this year I learned of the expression Grey Thursday.  Yes, that means some businesses are opening their doors ON Thanksgiving day so customers can get a head start before the madness of Black Friday.

Now, I know that Black Friday has been around for decades, but something has happened in the last eight years that has created this crazy frenzy.  I find myself watching with morbid curiosity at what happens via You Tube videos of shopping brawls over TVs, underpants, parking spaces, etc.  It's bizarre. And ironic.  The same weekend, no sometimes the same day, that we've stopped to give thanks and spend time with family, those same rational thankful humans are shoving, punching and pepper spraying others over material things that they probably don't really want.  It's just that they can get them ridiculously marked down that it creates that need to have it.

I think what bothers me most is the mindless spending of money on ridiculous material things creates such waste.  When people have calmed down from the hysteria of the sale, they're bound to realize that what they've purchased is actually unnecessary. That the items might be of poor quality, not well made.  They won't have done the necessary thinking about whether or not they need three new pairs of sneakers because they were the price of one pair, they'll just have all this stuff.

Where am I going with what is now sounding like a rant?  Well, my friends over at Redress have recently joined Global Giving's Gateway Challenge in order to raise money and continue with their mission to cut waste out of fashion.  They're already addressing this mission by sponsoring the EcoChic Design Awards and educating those participating designers on sustainable design methods, but they want to reach out further and provide more education and awareness for other designers, too.

I made a small donation (just $80 HKD) to this cause and I encourage you to make a small donation, too, if you're passionate about it like me.  If they successfully reach their target of $25,000 HKD, they'll become a permanent charity member and will benefit from this ongoing fundraising platform.  You can follow this link for more information:

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