Monday, December 8, 2014

Birthday hangover

On Saturday night, the hubby threw me probably the most amazing 40th birthday party I could ever have imagined.

He filled the night with surprises, like these I'm a Norbyah t-shirts he had screen printed at the Print House. I was stunned when they all came down dressed in them.

We invited the amazing New Zealand duo The Bollands to come and play on our rooftop. They rocked it and then hung out with us until the very end of the night at 2am. I absolutely loved having live music and I think more should be enjoyed in an intimate setting like this was.

Some good friends came by to celebrate with me. I was so touched by their presence and all their gifts of friendship. I'm still speechless to think about it.

Joey put together a lovely video of old pictures and videos people had sent him (who couldn't be there themselves). If it wasn't for being so surprised and in shock at what they'd all contributed, I'd have probably bawled my way through it.

Then the night came to an end. I'm still reliving all the fun and feel rather in a funk now that it's over. Little did I know that all these months the hubby was preparing such a special evening for me, I'm feeling a little undeserving. 

The next day, as we cleared everything up, we felt a little down thinking that it was all behind us. The headaches and lack of sleep probably didn't help, but it was so worth it.

At last minute (comparatively to other years) we also threw together a 12th birthday party for the boy at the Print House (here we are on their CCTV feed). More on that fun later.

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