Friday, November 21, 2014

Stanley Market Pop Up Shop

Stanley Market Pop Up Shop is a project I'm working on with my friends Hughie and Akiko from Print House HK.  They're the kiddos' art teachers and they're up to super fun stuff with their new shop for DIY screen printing.

We'd talked about collaborating on a project together to shake things up in Stanley because, like me, it's also their hood.  It's being overrun with high rent and mainlanders coming in and turning the charming shops into chinsy trinket shops.  I've written about My Stanley in a series on my blog over a year ago because I fear the charm it once had is changing.  I was getting so sad every time I walked through the market and realized another of my favorite places had gone.

Rather than just let it be taken over, we decided we should bring some fun events to Stanley Market and show people it's not just a tourist destination, but it has it's own vibe.  It has a heart.

Akiko and I recently collaborated on the lookbook for Baglady Basics, so we were keen to partner up again.  Print House has come out making waves with all the places they've been seen.  We used their shop as a backdrop for some of the Baglady dresses and it is the perfect place to showcase them for people to buy.  

In addition to having them on show, we're also super thrilled that Louella Odie will have some of their new collection available for purchase.  I collaborated with them on a travelogue over the summer.

Finally, we'll also be welcoming Maria from Spanish Shoes HK with her lovely menorquinas.  I live in mine (all summer and always).  

My friend Scarlett, who makes jewellery in the market and who hands my littles lovely treats every time we see her, will have some of her lovely pieces for sale and finally, the boys over at Le Magasin will offer a special wine and cheese tasting.  It's going to be a fun night!

If you're on the Southside and you'd like to pop by, please do.  Details are as follows:
Date: Wednesday, November 26th
Time: Anytime after 6:30pm
Location: Print House, Stanley

Here's the Facebook event page in case you'd like to RSVP.

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