Monday, November 24, 2014

Month of Baglady Style: Week 4

As I look back at these pictures taken last week outside The Boathouse, I realize that it's quite fitting I decided to stop here for the last week of Month of Baglady Style outfit pics.  We used this spot as one of our lookbook locations for Baglady Basics.  The blue walls are so iconic, I think.  They provide such a lovely backdrop for any picture.  This corner is often used by couples coming to get their wedding photos taken.

More than that, however, it was the location of a couple of my catch ups with my friend Shanya, the Baglady Basics designer.  I said goodbye to her on Thursday (or see you later, let's say).  She's made the trek back to NYC after wrapping up her time in China.   She really is a traveling nomad.

Living in an international community, you have to get used to saying goodbye a lot.  People will come into your lives and then suddenly they'll go.  It's a part of life here, but it doesn't get easier.  I will miss seeing Shanya once a month, and I especially will miss our nearly daily What's App conversations.  She's become a part of my day to day and it will be weird thinking about her being so far away.

Still, I know we'll stay connected.  We've got our Stanley Market Pop Up Shop (click for more details) on Wednesday, which she is a part of, we're finishing up this Month of Baglady Style collaboration, and I know we'll connect on future projects, too.  I will be watching eagerly as her business takes off, because I know it will!

Funny story about our last night, actually.  We both had things to exchange with each other.  I had some things that came for Shanya in the post, and Shanya had the dresses for the pop up.  Here we were rolling our little carry-on sized suitcases along Hollywood Road, going from one event to another and looking ridiculous, when we looked at each other and just laughed.  We really were living out Baglady style that evening.

This dress is the round neck drop waist maxi dress complete with pockets, perfect for lounging.  It is another one that I fell in love with instantly.  I'm going for a Stevie Nicks kind of boho look on this one.  I'm laughing because I had an unexpected audience when a friend walked by and decided to watch while he waited for us to join him for a drink.  Stanley, such a neighborhood to be connected to.  I love it.

You can pick up this dress for yourself for 30% off for Wishlist Wednesdays over at the Baglady Basics website.  Don't forget to enter the code WISHLIST at checkout.  Or, if you're in Stanley on Wednesday November 26th, come to the Print House any time after 6:30 pm for our Stanley Market Pop Up Shop to see their full collection!

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