Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween 2014

I'm not afraid to admit that over the last few years, I've been getting into the dressing up on Halloween as much as my kiddos do.  They were counting down the days all week.

And at the same time, I was counting the days I had to get their costumes together.  The big girl had Make-o-ween, which meant they had to DIY their costumes.  We made a witch.  The little girl had Book-o-ween, which meant coming dressed as a character from a book.  She chose to be Little T from her favorite book Fraidy Zoo.  And even the big boy had plans with his friends to all come dressed in onesies.  Thank goodness there's a onesie costume shop in Stanley market. He was a dinosaur.  I was a busy mama this week!

Now that Cally's school is over on our campus, we could actually watch the Halloween parade.  All the little kids looked so cute.  Such creativity on display, too!

Little Cally didn't really smile for me, but then again...she wasn't so sure about the parade.  She doesn't like new things that she can't predict.  I loved that the teachers dressed up, too.  Her year teachers all dressed up as the school girls from Madeline.

In the high school we got dressed up, too.  It was a one-off spirit day where we could earn class points. I chose one of my vintage dresses and went as Wednesday Addams.

As a department, we dressed up as the students' worst nightmare.  A very badly written essay which we crafted together using all the things we tell our students not to do.  I'd argue we were a humanities teacher's worst nightmare, too.

The hubby went all out for his costume for the Duddell's party Au Bal Masque.  Some serious DIY construction went into his headpiece.  The event itself was great fun, but we both paid a bit for it this morning.  Kids activities don't stop even when you need more sleep.

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