Saturday, November 29, 2014

Alter ego

Old picture alert!  Took these way back around the end of October, just before a Halloween party.  No, I wasn't dressed up for said party, just wearing my normal vintage, scarf, red lip combo.  Turns out though, when I went to the Halloween party, I was complimented on my costume.  OMG a woman said, you're totally Rosie the Riveter!

Now, I wish I could tell you that it was the first time that had happened, but it's not.  I tend to channel Rosie on multiple occasions.  Any combo of vintage denim or blue, red scarf and red lip and I've got it covered.  Lately, the color combo of reds, whites, and blues have been my go-tos anyhow (remember this post about the nautical trend I'm embracing?)

She's not a bad person to channel, though.  I love the fact that she's become the symbol of feminism, of the power of women.  I love the message she inspires, the "we can do it!" attitude.

And, for a week like this one, with the Stanley Market Pop Up Shop event on Wednesday night, the HKD performance today during half time of the Holiday Tournament, and Sunday's shoot with WTF x Louella Odie x The Duality, some can do spirit is what I need!

Don't worry, I'm enjoying some down time, too.  This Thanksgiving holiday has been lovely.  Excuse the absence on the blog, I've been making time for life to happen.

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