Thursday, October 23, 2014

What's your favorite color?

Quite unintentionally, my go-to colors of choice lately have been red, white and blue.  It started this summer when it felt very summery and on trend for the nautical look, but now it has kind of stuck.

I don't know why I used to shy away from this color combo before.  Maybe it was because for me, the idea of wearing red, white and blue together reminded me too much of Fourth of July.  Living in America before coming to Hong Kong taught me that Americans are very patriotic.  They love their Independence day celebrations.  Such pride in their nation is part of what makes them great.  But, I'm not sure I always share in that same need to show patriotic sentiment in my outfits (huge summer sales, flag Ts at Old Navy, etc).

Don't get me wrong, I love Fourth of July.  I wrote about it here.  Not being American, however, makes me feel self conscious about wearing these typically patriotic colors.  I'm not French, either and these colors are also quite patriotic for our French friends, too.  I guess I don't want to feel like I'm draped in a flag or something.  Like I'm an imposter.

But now, what draws me to these colors is the very sense that they remind me of summer.  They're fresh.  Clean.  Bright.  Timeless, even.

I found this vintage dress over the summer on Etsy (Wanderlust -handmade & vintage is called wanderlustmobileshop), right around the Fourth of July when it was listed as the perfect dress for celebrating that holiday.  I snapped it up, took it to my seamstress to have her cut off the cowl neck collar, and voila! 

An outtake.  There was a fly buzzing near my face and my mum snapped the pic.

I think this dress will transition nicely into the cooler weather with a navy cardigan and navy or grey tights.  A lovely fresh summer feel for all year round.

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