Thursday, October 16, 2014

Secondhand style

I won't lie.  I get a little thrill when someone discovers that the outfit they've just complimented is actually secondhand.  I love the surprised looks and the but you look like a million bucks comments, too.  It's a bit like validation that those garments still have a lot of wear, I suppose.   

Take this outfit, for example.  The skirt came from Swap and Shop HK and the necklace came from last week's Get Redressed Pop Up.  Even though the two events were a few weeks apart, it was like the two items were made to be worn together.  What luck!

Both the necklace and the skirt had signs of wear, as you would expect for any secondhand clothing.  But that has never deterred me from wearing any secondhand item.  There's nothing a few stitches, a hot glue gun, or even a bit of marker can't fix.

I'm serious.  There were a few white spots on my skirt where the material had worn a little.  I borrowed my son's bronze sharpie and voila! (Truth be told, I did the same thing to a scuff mark on my blue pony hair flats on the same day, only with blue marker).

It was such a fun skirt to wear, why not keep it in good shape?

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