Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Occupy Insta-weekly

I've been totally consumed by our news last week in Hong Kong. The movement is inspiring, to say the least and more than that, it marks a true historic moment in Hong Kong. We'll never be the same after last week, regardless of the fact that the movement is petering out now.

Here are some of the images (some mine, some shared from other sources) of the Umbrella Revolution as they appeared on my Instagram feed last week.

A jarring image to wake up to on Monday morning after the violence of Sunday night with tear gas and riot police.  (source: Huffington Post)

Wandering through Causeway Bay on Monday.

Seen on the bridge between Central and Admiralty.

Umbrellas help shield against heat as well as tear gas.

The students march.

A plea for police to remain non-violent.

Yellow ribbons and little yellow doves stamped along the road.

A wet Tuesday night. (source: Hong Kong Democracy Now)

More yellow ribbons in Central.

A peace sign out of yellow ribbons seen Sunday when I went again and brought the girls.

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