Wednesday, October 29, 2014

If my mum was a blogger

She's figured out some blogger poses of her own, my mum.

Digging into her purse.  A good pose bloggers standby to look natural.  I must do it a fair bit because you may recall that Little Cally used it too.

Mostly, my mum is fond of the looking up pose.  Sometimes, I catch her off guard and this is her really being natural.  She often notices the little things we overlook.  It's really lovely.  In the first shot, you'll see she was ready with her iPhone to capture the sunlight as it was setting over the trees that afternoon.

She yucks it up, as all my kiddos do, doing silly I'm a Norbyah poses when I'm taking the test shot so she'll know what to capture.  I really must do this looking up thing quite regularly.  I'll have to examine this further.

Dressed up for an end of year skit.

And, most of all, she's definitely unique and bold.  Which is exactly why we all adore her.

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