Monday, October 27, 2014

Dressing up with UGG Australia

Do you know what's more fun than dressing up myself?

Well, dressing up my little girls of course!

Two weekends ago, my girls and I had the opportunity to do just that.  Plug PR sent over the UGG Australia sample boot styles for girls, we browsed the list and they sent over two super fun pairs for us to style up. These Bailey Bow ones in peacoat with the purple ribbons and a sparkly sequinned red pair.

Having seen me do this recently myself (the Baglady Basics lookbook, Jack Wills x Sisters in Vintage HK), the girls were super excited to pick out some fun outfits from their own clothes.

We made sure they looked like what girls should wear (nothing bothers me more than little girls dressing like sassy teenagers), including this addition of Minnie Mouse ears by Cally.

We had a little picnic lunch at our secret beach in Turtle Cove and snapped the first two looks.  The sun was beaming, which made wearing fur-lined boots not so conducive to picture taking, but Little Miss Cally was all smiles, regardless.

My big girl tried her hand at styling the red sparkly uggs.  Unfortunately the sample size didn't fit her, so she took charge putting together the last two looks (laying them out, considering all options).  She did pretty well!

Oh what fun it is to pose and be silly.

Little girl poses are the best.  This one is the "I'm just going to pretend I'm at ballet."

And Cally picked up a few from me (just from her own observation).  When she put this red purse on, she said I have to pretend I'm taking something out of my purse.  And put my sunglasses on.  What a little shriek she is.  Walking was not her favorite thing to do. Can you see her feeling awkward smirk in the bottom two pics?

The only downside to our fun shoot was having to give the boots back, but the girls new it was fun to just play for a day.  They're looking forward to playing dress up again.  Any casting agents out there want to play dress up with us?

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