Monday, September 15, 2014

What's your selfie face?

In my homeroom the other day, I spent a good fifteen minutes having fun with my students and talking with them about selfie faces.  Homeroom is meant for just hanging out with my kids, not teaching them anything meaningfully academic.  We hang.  We bond.

So, on the topic of selfie faces, one of my girls informed us all that there are different kinds.  The ugly selfie face should be for when you are sending Snapchats to your friends and family.  The uglier, the better.  It should be your go to selfie face.  This was the one we practiced.  Then, there is the pretty selfie face reserved for sending that guy you like a Snapchat.

I even found this article describing the 15 most common selfie faces.  Read it, it's funny.  And, I admit I use some of these.  Anyhoo, I thought I'd write about selfie faces (I do the duck lips a fair bit as well as the scrunched up face) and selfie occasions.  

There's the "we're catching up and we don't get to do it all that often" selfie seen here with my girl Shanya.  Look for more on the blog about exciting things coming from her line Baglady Basics.

There's the "OMG, what a small world and we know the same people let's send him a picture" selfie as seen with Emily and Samantha Wordsworth.  Groovy sisters for sure.  When are we hanging out again???

Here's the "we really did some crazy shit in college and had fun, so we're picking up where we left off" selfie.  How can those days be so long ago now?

Then there's the all too crafty "this is a selfie, but you won't know I actually took this picture myself" selfie (unless you really analyze my neck muscles straining).  It's really reserved for pensive moments, or super jet lagged ones.

This "we're just hanging out being goofy" selfie is one of my favorite kinds.  Coincidentally, we both whipped out our phones at the same time.  Great minds, they say!

How about the quintessential "new hair do" selfie.  There are two kinds, goofy (as seen here) or serious.  I've done both.  

This is a Hong Kong specific type of selfie, the "hey! we're at the Sevens!" selfie.

The "we are family" selfie.

This little girl kidnapped my phone one morning and I found her huddled up in the corner of my room in a little bit of a funk because she didn't know how to take a selthie.  So, despite needing to run out the door for school, we did a little on the spot tutorial.  So here is our first "mummy and daughter" selfie.

Think what you may about the selfie phenomenon, I just think they're a lot of fun.  As I look back through these, I think about the moments of goofiness captured on camera that make you smile when you see them again.  We are living in the Instagram, Snapchat generation now.  This is pop culture kind of stuff.  Some day we'll look back on these with the same kind of nostalgia that we do when we remember the days we used to get tangled up in phone cords as teenagers (oh, wait...I'm really speaking to those of you who were teenagers in the 80s and 90s).

Last week, my friend Akiko bought me a selfie stick after hearing me mention it several times.  Just wait. 

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