Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Trying to stay afloat

I'm drowning.  In debt, in school work, in managing the anxiety of my children about their school work, in establishing routines and activity schedules for the kiddos, in trying to communicate with the hubby when it feels like we're going in opposite directions, in posts that I have planned but can't seem to find time to write, in ideas and inspiration with no way to channel it....oh, the list could go on.

This blog space and my Sisters in Vintage blog space have all but been neglected.  Believe me, there are half posts, pictures and titles saved, but posts that remain unwritten.

There are pictures taken, but not uploaded.

There are half finished projects.

And, at the moment, I don't see a time when this might change.  While at times this overwhelms me, I always try to see the silver lining.  That I'm glad I have so much going on creatively.  That my children have so many opportunities.  That I enjoy getting up and going to work.

But, sometimes the trying gets hard.  

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