Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The future of Circuit Jewellery

When I think back to this photo shoot from May, I have to admit that this set shot by my friend Akiko was my favorite.  Being by the sea and wearing a nautical-inspired outfit, the red, white and blue, the stripes of the dress, the crisp colors of the background.  I loved that we used Stanley as our setting because it's my home, but more than that, there's such juxtaposition of culture and aesthetic here.  

Old and new buildings (old buildings in new places, new buildings in old places).  East and west.  The British influence in Hong Kong.  The remnants of WWII, when the Japanese dropped a bomb but it didn't detonate, saving the temple by Stanley Plaza.  Expats and locals.  A local housing estate in amongst the flats and condos that expats live in.  A local preschool (where my girls started out) right next to a brand new Montessori school.

All that juxtaposition seemed perfect for a shoot that blends vintage clothing with modern jewellery.  To showcase a new company which aims to highlight beautiful pieces and the stories that accompany them and really make these new pieces feel like heirlooms.

And this little start up, Circuit Jewellery, is up to big things!    

Loris, one of Circuit Jewellery's co-founders, shared an exciting update with me.  Since our shoot, Circuit Jewellery traveled to Bangkok to meet up with new suppliers, one of which is Mosstories (now featured in their boutique).  They also met with other local Thai designers to see if some of their designs would be suited for their online shop.  Circuit Jewellery carefully curates their shop selection so that all designs featured are of good quality, follow their design aesthetic and have an interesting story behind them.  This is their concept, after all.  

Another exciting update is that Circuit Jewellery has been looking to expand it's selection of eco-friendly jewellery.  They've acquired designs from a small Balinese company which makes beautiful jewellery out of reclaimed wood and reclaimed inner tubes.  Ahh!  I love this.  Remember my Feel Good Fashion series?  Yeah, this fits right in. 

And, every good company needs a vision.  Theirs is to continue to build their business, expand their customer base and eventually begin creating their own designs.  I'll be behind them all the way!

If you haven't stopped over at their website, you really should.  They do free shipping worldwide!!!

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Circuit Jewellery said...

It's been so much fun working with you. We've had great support along the way from all around, giving us the continued push to stay true to our goal, our vision, and ultimately what matters most to us, happy customers.

Thanks Norbyah ;)


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