Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Good lighting

I've spent most of the last two weeks cursing at the hot weather.  Dressing up in work clothes with the intensity of the sun bearing down while I walk to work or wait for the lift means sweat-face almost instantly.  It's disgusting.  And totally unforgiving for those of us wearing vintage (those blasted unnatural fabrics)!

Everyone still greets everyone else with the customary two cheek kiss, but at this time of year, it's not really as pleasant as it sounds.

Nevertheless, the sunny days of August and now September mean that there's plenty of good lighting for blog pictures.  The kind of light that lends a natural glow to the evening, that is forgiving to any flaws that a blogger may have.  Especially if the light comes from one side. I discovered, though, that the intensity of the light can create unwanted flaws (read: forehead wrinkles...and I didn't include that picture).  

It's the golden hour, as it's known in the blogging world.  I think even the fairest person might look like they have a healthy sun kissed complexion.  Bloggers all know how to use it to their advantage, where to stand and where to look.  My girl Gabrielle of Look Sharp, Sconnie and I had a good giggle about this whole concept when we met up for coffee this summer.  It seems so narcissistic, but I suppose so is blogging about your outfits, too.  Oh well.

Mid Autumn Festival is around the corner.  Locals say that the weather cools slightly after that.  I hope so!  Until then, I'm surviving by keeping it simple and not wearing too much jewellery.

Outfit details:  white lace vintage top - Kennedy Holmes Etsy shop, Estate sale skirt and starfish earrings, Shoemint loafers and Louella Odie Skyline Handbag (see here for more on my summer travelogue with them).

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Putri said...

you don't have any flaws

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