Monday, August 25, 2014

Feel Good Fashion: Square Street

Yesterday, I popped over to the Design Market at PMQ where local Hong Kong designers and locally based retailers set up booths to showcase and sell their products.  Totally my scene.

Wandering around the booths and stopping to chat with some of my designer friends, I was inspired to get back to this Feel Good Fashion series.  I really love that PMQ has become a creative hub for Hong Kong and I think it's important to highlight all the amazing people who are into art and design, who are moving Hong Kong forward.

One such place is squarestreet.  Home to shoe designer Alexis Holm, whose line of footwear called Gram is designed and sold there along with watch designer David Ericsson, whose VOID watches are on sale there, too.  This is the same squarestreet that stocks those gorgeous Moheda Swedish clogs that I had the privilege of styling up and shooting for them. (Read that post here).

I love their showroom, which recently went under remodeling so they could relocate the office space and dedicate more of their store front to display the beautiful products.  The space is clean and modern, with their products following the same aesthetic.

In the Spring of last year, square street came out with a special edition SQ100's shoe in support of the Clean Air Network here in Hong Kong.  They were covered in animal footprints to serve as a reminder  to go places on foot rather than to use motor vehicles.

I nabbed myself a pair and wore them all summer long to tromp the streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn, NYC, ride my bike along the quiet streets of Oglesby and the bike paths of Greater Madison and hit up the thrift shops and estate sales all over.

Lately, my shoe choice has been of the more comfortable (and dare I say, practical) persuasion.  I won't venture to guess why because I'm not ready to admit to anything, so we'll leave it at that.

Postlude:  I took these outfit pictures way back before the summer, when it was a heck of a lot cooler than it is now.  I like that I can pair these shoes with my vintage dresses.  I think they work quite nicely that way.

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