Friday, August 1, 2014

Backyard bubbles

It's the simple things that having a backyard allows that I will miss the most.

Today, the hubby decided he'd research bubble mixture online; I mean making those huge gigantic bubbles with an enormous wand made from rope and PVC pipe.  After finding a recipe, he and Buddy went off to Home Depot to get supplies and they came home and set to work.

I like when the boys work on DIY projects together; a little bit of light construction cutting and sanding PVC pipes is the kind of thing Buddy loves.

Although the recipe was initially a flop (quite literally, the bubble mixture didn't stick), in the end it was quite a bit of fun.

First for the grown ups.

But soon the kiddos joined in.

Then after tweaking the mixture,  making different bubble wands, and learning the technique of pulling the mixture and wand out of the bowl and flicking your wrist just enough, we soon had lots of bubbles.  We were all enjoying ourselves.

Simple fun. 

All together. 

In the backyard.

And in case you think this was a special day because you've spotted a bouncy castle, I have to burst your bubble (hehe, couldn't resist).  Because my in laws live next door to a carnival man, my kiddos get all kinds of fun perks.

On Tuesday we had this sticky mess!

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