Friday, July 11, 2014

Travelogue with Louella Odie: Skyline on the High Line

New Yorkers appreciate their green space as much as we Hong Kongers do.  Limited availability of big parks (Central Park is the largest) coupled with the searing heat of summer means that the recreational green spaces they do have are highly frequented.  

One such spot is the High Line.  It's located on a section of an old elevated railway on the West Side of Manhattan, which they've converted (repurposed!) into a public park.  It has lovely landscaping with trees, bushes and wildflowers, a covered area with food and artsy souvenir vendors, and my favorite part, the water.  

Unlike in Hong Kong where we have the ocean conveniently located around all our borders, New Yorkers have to drive out east to get to their ocean.  Given that it's a concrete jungle which generates even more heat, most of the children's playgrounds have water sprinklers of some kind.  

The High Line has a section of running water, just the depth of a shallow puddle.  

Young and old, tourists and locals, students and professionals alike stop to remove their shoes and take a little stroll through the water to cool off.  It's lovely.

All along the High Line are wooden benches for sitting and some for lying down.  It's clearly a refuge for anyone needing to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, but it's also a great place to take a stroll by The Standard hotel on your way up to Chelsea Market or further up to visit some of the art galleries (as we did).

After we dried off our feet to put our shoes back on, we took another break under the shade for shaved ice for the kiddos and a tasty Blue Bottle iced coffee for me.

Despite those cool refreshments, we were still melting by the time we arrived to Gagosian Gallery where my sister works.

 It's hard to believe that our summer is nearly half over!  We're having such fun.  Don't forget to click over to the Travel Tribe page on the Louella Odie website to see a beautifully illustrated map of my journey.  While you're there, browse through their shop and get an exclusive 20% discount open to my readers.  Just enter traveltribe at check out.

By the way, go back and look at the pictures to see if you can spot the cute smiley face on my Skyline handbag.  I promise you, once you see it, you'll never be able to unsee it.

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