Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Summer days have come and gone

Summer is quickly racing by and I can't believe in two weeks we'll be back in Hong Kong!  On one hand, summer feels like it's been so full and relaxing, with just the right amount of time being spent with those we love.  Yet on the other hand, I feel like at every place we've visited, I haven't been ready to go.  How can that be?

Still, I have nothing to complain about.  I love these summer days just listening to my kiddos playing in the backyard, taking them on bike rides along the quiet small town streets, all of us marvelling at the fireflies as they begin to light up at dusk, and enjoying a late evening drink, giggling and chatting about whatever random topics come up.  

Our summer has been filled with variations of these things all the way through.  Different people.  Different places.  All amazing.  Now we're about to enter the last phase of summer.  The last set of rellies to visit and soon, a whole lot more goodbyes.  

Last week was my side of the family.  After next week it will be the hubby's side.  I don't enjoy this part, but at the same time, I know it will be good to get home to Hong Kong.  Even my big girl Ella said so today.

So for these last two weeks of our holiday, I'll be doing much the same as we have been.  And loving it all the same.

A quick side note about the outfit:  
I'm usually a skirts and dresses girl, but something about summer vacation this year has me loving shorts.  I got these vintage Bongo cut offs last summer and I've worn these and other summer shorts with blouse-y crop tops in various versions over the last few weeks.  It's simple and easy.  Also getting a lot of wear are my new Castell sandals.   I stopped in for a studio visit to Spanish Shoes HK before leaving Hong Kong and Maria sent me out with these.  How lucky!  I'll be sharing more exciting things from her soon.

Outfit details:  vintage Bongo shorts from Esty, vintage top from Good Style Shop in Madison, thrifted scarf from local charity shop and Castell sandals from Spanish Shoes HK, jewellery form independent designers (earrings from Madison designer Sarah DeAngelo, agate bracelet from a girl at Rockaway Beach)


Collections said...

I ADORE that top! So sad we didn't get to see each other this year.

Unknown said...

How do you know sarah???

Norbyah said...

Hey Gabs,
I know Sarah's jewellery because her hubby used to be manager at my fave coffee hangout when I lived in Madison (Cool Beans). Her stuff still sells there. I love it.

Moise said...

So my husband Josh has deemed you my style twin. I showed him your blog and he was like omg you would totally wear all these outfits! Love this one! Summer's not over yet! Enjoy the tail end lady! Much love.

Monique said...

*It's Monique by the way, I get automatically signed in to J's acct. boo

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