Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Insta-weekly (cruel summer)

Sorry, song lyrics again.  Don't you have songs that are all time summer favorites? The fact that I love this Bananarama song belies my true age, but oh well.  It's the perfect song for this leg of our summer journey though.

We are in NYC and it's scorching.  It always is.  We had been enjoying cool breezy evenings and sunny, low humidity days.  I love the city at this time of year though.  Everyone wears as little clothes as possible and people have a sweaty glow. It's kind of sexy that way (if you think upper lip sweat is sexy).

Here's a glimpse of what I've been documenting on my feed. Follow along @imanorbyah

Louella Odie travelogue sharing bits of forgotten history.

Stoopin' it on our own stoop and trying to teach the littlest one how to blow a bubble gum bubble.

My favorite chairs at the Memorial Union, at UW-Madison.

Blogger buddy meet up with Gabrielle of @looksharpsconnie. Follow her, she's fab.

Nolascos land in Brooklyn.

College roomies reunite!

Brooklyn Flea vintage heaven.

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