Monday, July 14, 2014

Circuit Jewellery: Another story

As I mentioned in my Feel Good Fashion post with Circuit Jewellery, I'll be revealing my collaboration with them in three parts.  

One of the trickiest parts of our planning was picking a suitable location.  Loris, Pirry and I all agreed that based on the concept of their company and the idea of mixing vintage and modern, a historical site would make an interesting location for the shoot.

The tricky part wasn't finding historic sites.  Hong Kong is full of those, even though it seems like they're racing to make our city fast and modern.  Even though there are black and white photos of how things were in the old days, and many of those buildings no longer exist, there are pockets of hidden history everywhere.  Stop to notice the little plaques that commemorate things like the Sun Yatsen Trail, or the age of the temple complexes, look up to see the rounded edges of buildings in Kowloon, for example, and you'll marvel at how much still remains.  

The tricky part was dodging the rain.  It's not just a drizzle that can easily be worked around, it's torrents of rain.  Buckets full.  The kind that ruins a perfectly good pair of shoes if you don't plan carefully.  We lucked out though.  Our day was lovely.  Hot, but not too humid.  Sunny too, so lots of good lighting.

After brainstorming possibilities, we decided the easiest location to gain access to and most convenient for all of us involved, was the Murray House in Stanley.  

I've always been fascinated by this building.  All I really know about it is that it was built when the British were here and that some time in the early 2000s, they relocated it from it's original spot in Central.  Brick by brick!  You can even see remnants of the numbering system they used to catalog all the bricks left on some parts of the big blocks.  

Awakening Crystal Bangle

I did a quick Wiki search of its history and learned that basically it was indeed built during colonial times to be an officers quarters.  During WWII, it was used as a command center for the Japanese.  It still amazes me that they dismantled it, keeping the pieces in tact, and stored it until it could be rebuilt again.  Remarkable.  

What a story.  And it was such fun to have found people who enjoy a good story like this as much as I do.  Circuit Jewellery aka Loris and Pirry are looking at incorporating stories in their business practices, too.  They're working on using reusable packaging for their pieces handsewn by little old ladies who used to be employed as seamstresses before clothing production moved to places like China and Bangladesh.  Feel good fashion, of course!  

Don't forget, Circuit Jewellery is offering 20% off a purchase of $50 USD with the code: SUMMER14.  Pop over and have a look at their shop.  It's free shipping worldwide!  What are you waiting for???

And of course, thank you to the lovely Akiko Sakai for the beautiful pictures.  


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