Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sweet Home

Forgive my silence.  I'm over the moon and in love.  For about the last four days, I've been feeling very domestic and settled because we're in Madison and I'm falling in love with this town and feeling at home here all over again.

Fishing in the creek across from our house.
Father son moments, learning to cut the grass.

After spending most of last summer purchasing another home in Madison (we sold our home when we left eight years ago), this summer we're finally able to spend some time living in it.  The whole process of looking at and purchasing the home took the better part of last summer and we had our closing at the very end of last July.  This left us with enough time to come in, change the locks and shut it up for winter.

We'd been dreaming about getting into our home over the course of this whole year.  Luckily for us, we had some friends who needed a home in Madison and who have been living in it and looking after it for us, and last winter was one that none of us could have anticipated.  I felt very relieved knowing it had occupants to keep it cozy, warm and safe in the coldest months of the winter.

Snuggles and sleeping in.

Not only that, our friends have taken excellent care of our home, setting it up and decorating it so beautifully that from the moment we set foot in it again, it instantly felt like home.

Lunches at home in our kitchen.

Our time here this summer is shorter than we originally planned, but it's just enough for us to get acquainted with our new neighbourhood.  We've been taking full advantage of all of the wonderful things Madison has to offer in the summer, but this time as locals, not tourists.  And frankly, it's the simplest things that bring the most joy.

It feels great.

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