Thursday, June 5, 2014

Spring cleaning and summer ready!

You may have noticed some changes on the blog over the last several weeks.  Last year, it got a facelift.  I redesigned the template and worked on a new header.  This year, I've been trying to organize it better, to clean it up a little.  I've got tabs across the top and I even have an About page!  I felt pretty good when I figured out how to do those tabs and drop down menus.  Seriously, check them out.

In addition to my about page, I've got a contact page, my shop (more on that later), links to my own Hong Kong blogging community (my 852 peeps), and a link to my other blog Sisters in Vintage HK on Style by Asia.

Now that I've got the blog all sorted, I'm eager to get going on some summer projects.  First up is a collaboration I'm doing with Louella Odie.  I'll introduce this properly, but I wanted to mention it as one of my big summer plans.

Another collaboration in the works is with a new jewellery start up called Circuit Jewellery.  I'll be featuring them in a Feel Good Fashion post.  I'll also share the lovely interview they did with me.

Which brings me to my last summer project, my Feel Good Fashion series.  Lots of cool fashion stuff to share with you about local designers and eco conscious fashion.

All I need to do is pack my bags and we're off in a week!
(Easier said than done).


Circuit Jewellery said...

Definitely lovely chat with you the other day =) Excited about the upcoming shoot and your outfit selection this Saturday!


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