Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Oh, how time flies

I feel as if the school year started just a few months ago, like we're all finally settling into routines.  Yet, here we are at the finish.  The big girl's last day on Monday, Buddy's fifth grade end of year awards and the littlest girl winding down, too.

Ella went along to her old school with Cally on Tuesday to visit old teachers and help out.  She loved it.  Today she goes with two friends to help her teacher pack up their classroom.  She's such a sweet little helper.

Buddy was all smiles for me at his "graduation."  The teachers awarded separate honors for each of their students to recognize special talents.  Buddy earned the Future Teacher Award for working hard all year to help his classmates, share with them what he knows and encourage them to be better.  I was so proud.

And little Cally, my cheeky gremlin...well, after chucking a wobbly about not getting to sleep in on Monday, she's been her usual self.  Her sadness about the end of the school year will likely hit her mid-summer when she realizes she misses her teachers.  It happened last summer when I was singing You are my sunshine when she suddenly burst into tears because it reminded her of school.

Such bittersweet moments watching the year come to an end; but as I was saying to my littles only yesterday, while you feel a little sad at the end of one stage, you rejoice at the beginning of a new one.

What adventures will next year bring for these three?

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janet tan said...

So sweet all of them- and cally looks like a 1920's movie star!

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