Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Hot in the city

Want to know how to make your family grumpy?

Plan a walkabout outing in the city on the hottest weekend of the year.

The idea was nice.  Check out the HK Walls street art left from the Art Basel event a few weeks back.  Wander into Square Street to exchange the hubby's SQ1000s.  End up at PMQ for the Night Market and some nibbling on yummy tacos from Sook, which belongs to our friend Mina.

The reality of getting one of the only cabs NOT blasting it's aircon to freezing mode, wandering streets without finding said street art, lugging the DSLR camera with hungry children and you have a disaster waiting to happen.

Still, the outing was pleasant enough.  The children, despite being hot and hungry were cooperative enough and wanted to look around.  The hubby, despite being hot and hungry was gracious enough to offer to snap outfit pictures.

The littlest one decided to jump in on the action and asked Daddy to take her picture (complete with her Swap and Shop purse) next to the yarn bombing we found near Sai Street.

We popped into Square Street to exchange shoes and I had a lovely chat with Julianne, an Etsy vintage seller I've been wanting to interview for my Etsy Confessions series.

And, biggest score for the afternoon was this sweet picture the hubby snapped of our big nearly teenaged boy, who is so hard to photograph these days.  

Oh, and we ended the evening by stopping off for sweet desserts at Serge et la Phoque.  Dacquoise at Serge are to die for.  The bookends (Buddy and Cally) got to taste them a few weeks back at Chai Wan Mei Village, but Ella missed out because of ballet.  She'd been keen to try 'quaz and was thrilled when we announced we'd be stopping for dessert on our way home.

Some quaz for our little Quaz.

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Unknown said...

Oh my miss you look amazing! You look so effortlessly chic!!!! UGH!!! Jealous! :)

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