Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Feel Good Fashion: Circuit Jewellery

One of the most exciting things about being a fashion blogger recently has been opportunity to meet and collaborate with wonderful and creative people.  I began my Feel Good Fashion series in the last month as a way to share some of the inspirational ideas and designs of those creative people.  What I've found especially exciting is the growing conscience of designers and creators toward our environment and toward supporting small, local business.

Wearing the Dandelion ring and the Isis Necklace from Circuit Jewellery.

One such business I've come to know recently is Circuit Jewellery.  Just over a month ago, the owners, Loris and Pirry, reached out to me in an email.  After reading the story behind their idea to start up an online jewellery boutique, I was hooked.  Those of you who know me, will understand how much I love stories.  You see, Loris's idea came from the wooden jewellery box which was once her grandmother's.  Her father gave it to Loris after her grandmother passed away.  As she looked through the pieces her grandmother left, she began asking questions about her grandmother and began to reconnect with her.

This story was so sweet to me, the idea that I already believe that a piece of jewellery, or a vintage garment can tell us so much about the past.  Not only about who owned it, but about the occasion for which it was worn, or the time period it was a part of.  I was especially close to both my grandmothers and the idea of Loris's grandmother's jewellery box made me nostalgic.  Add to that the fact that this was a small, local business just getting it's start and I couldn't wait for us to work together.

Loris and Pirry were such fun to get to know and to work with.  Their enthusiasm for their business, their genuine warm personalities.  Their ideas about the future of their business.  And now, I'm so pleased to be able to count them among my friends.  I'll definitely be supporting them in the future of their business.

Over the summer, I'll be sharing our collaboration in three parts, to reveal more about our work together and what their plans are for Circuit Jewellery.  They will also be featuring me in an interview on their blog as well.  As soon as it's up, I'll share a link.  To celebrate summer, Circuit Jewellery is offering 20% off a purchase of $50 USD with the code: SUMMER14.  New things are constantly being added, so pop over and have a look at their shop.  Did I mention free shipping worldwide???

The pictures from our shoot in Stanley were taken by my lovely friend Akiko Sakai.  We definitely couldn't have done this without her.  I'll be shooting with her again, for sure.  She has a fantastic eye! More behind the scenes pictures can be seen in my Sisters in Vintage HK post, here.


Circuit Jewellery said...

Thanks Norbyah, it's certainly a pleasure getting to know you too. Definitely love how jewelry brings a different story to every one, which is what intrigues us and keeps Circuit moving! We continue to look forward to working with you on more exciting ventures coming up!

Monique said...

EEEk you shaved your hair! I love it. You are looking fab, jewelry and those awesome shorts!

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