Saturday, May 24, 2014

Vintage trials and tribulations

Today it took me nearly an hour to get dressed.  Let me clarify...I don't mean an hour to get ready (hair, make up, etc).  I mean an hour to actually get clothes on.

Why do you ask?  (or do you care?)

Sigh.  I was having issues!  Normally the process of actually getting clothes on takes maybe ten or so minutes.  Seriously!  I usually know what I want and once I get dressed and take a look at what I envision in my head, I tweak slightly and I'm good.  Onto hair and make up.

Not this morning.  I literally tried on several outfits.  Nothing worked.  

And I realized I had a some problems:

First, I need a haircut.  I can't keep chucking it up in a topknot and wearing a scarf.  And second, it's really hot.  And sticky and humid, too.  Not very conducive to wearing my vintage things.

When the hubby came upstairs, he giggled.  Not only was I still in my underpants, but I also had something totally different on top than I had when he had gone downstairs earlier.  Offering me the perspective that I usually need (which is why I love him), he first said forget about wearing that thingy (I had originally wanted to wear a gift from Vic and Lily).  When I told him I wasn't trying to wear that any longer, he asked what my problem was.  And here it was, I wanted to wear a vintage dress, but thought it was too hot.  I was all in a tizzy trying to think of something different.  To this he replied well, then just wear one! 

Brilliant!  He's quite helpful in his blunt and no nonsense way.  So I picked this flowy yellow one.  It was what I wanted to wear all along.

p.s. The big girl took these pictures after her ballet class.  She's getting really good!  Ballet examination day is tomorrow!

Outfit details: Saltwater sandals, Vintage dress from Flin Flon to Hong Kong (on Etsy) and clutch from Shop Thrift Revolution (on Instagram).

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