Friday, May 30, 2014

This is the end...

Teachers have a unique perspective of the year.  For us, the year is winding down.  We're finishing up our units, giving exams, assessing yearlong projects, sending our seniors off to university or gap years and heading off on summer vacation.  

My HKD leaders (three are leaving).

And, it's time.  I'm beat.

My HKD guys (oh, did you notice Buddy? He's one of them).

But this is odd.  I know only teachers (and for that matter students) think about the year in these terms.  In reality, of course, it's just midyear.  I feel out of sync with people who don't operate on this cycle.

Warm up before our last (and most amazing) showcase.

What the end means is that these next two weeks are chock full of events.  And not the kind that I have grown used to attending.  The events that I'm busy with are ballet exams, dance showcases, band concerts, awards dinners and celebrations, graduation, graduation parties and farewell dinners and celebrations.

This time of year is deeply fulfilling and emotionally exhausting.  I feel like I've been moved to tears nearly everyday this week and we still have a week and a half left to go.  

I'm really looking forward to my summer hiatus.  Time to get stuck into different kinds of projects on this blog (and they're exciting!) and time to focus on family.

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