Monday, May 26, 2014

The Blogger's Network

I often feel as if I'm two separate people.  Or like I have a secret identity.  There's the teacher side of me, the one that defines me (and pays the bills).  Then there's the blogger side (or fashion blogger side, if you will).  And depending on the people whose company I'm keeping, I'm either one or the other.  Rarely had the two collided and when they did, it was almost like the revelation of an affair or something.

More and more these days, I am sharing both sides.  At fashion-related events, I can talk about being a teacher without feeling like a total outsider; and at school, my colleagues and students are aware of this other fashion hobby, too.  I had never imagined that blogging would take me where it has, but I've got some super fun projects/collaborations in the works that I can't wait to reveal as summer hits.  It turns out that being a teacher and a fashion blogger are perfectly suited.

Recently, I was interviewed by my students about my blogging.  Two worlds, colliding!  The interview was part of a year-long independent project that seniors at my school choose for their last year of school.  This year, some of my students have explored making a boat from recycled materials, learning cartoon animation, designing an app and even becoming a professional athlete (to name a few)!  What an amazing privilege it is to teach these kids.  I really can't imagine a better job for myself.

Check out my interview and the rest of this amazing e-book called The Blogger's Network.

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