Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A look for the hubby

Now, I don't think in a million years I'd ever try to tell my hubby what to wear.  He's got a style that's uniquely his and I'm lucky in that regard (no sports team sweatshirts for dress up here unless he's lounging around at home).  As long as I've known him he's always been adventurous and bold when it comes to dressing.  He knows what he likes, and I like that about him.

So, when I was asked by Paul Fredrick to pick some pieces that I like from their Summer 2014 Collection, I was a bit nervous.  Styling myself is one thing.  Styling someone else, particularly a man, is something entirely different. 

It wasn't until I had the hubby in mind that the pieces I'd pick for him to wear became clear.  

I like this red suit coat for it's bold color which I think would suit my hubby perfectly.  And this sailboat printed tie not only has a crisp summery feel to it (think nautical trend), but it's also a little bit of me because it's a novelty print.  I love those.

Paul Fredrick is an online store with a classic selection of shirts, suits and ties.  Their Summer 2014 collection features lightweight seersucker suits, colorful dress shirts and unique printed ties.  It's classic style with a fun twist (like shake up a wedding in a classy way).

How did I do?  Can you see my hubby in these pieces?

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