Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wearing is caring

Any vintage lover, whether a seller, a collector, a wearer or an addict like me, will tell you that vintage garments need a little TLC.  And, that's okay with me.

You see, one of the things that makes a vintage garment special is that the quality is, without question, much better than many garments made in our age of mass production and fast fashion.  

So, you can forgive a vintage garment for having a loose button or a fallen hem, or even a little stain.  After all, the fact that the garment is still in tact after all these decades is remarkable itself.  Even a piece from the 80s is now thirty years old!

The good news is that most repairs are nothing more than what a little hand stitching can handle.  I usually have a little pile of upkeeping on the go all the time.

This week off for Easter break is a good time for many projects that I have on my back burner.  With the rainy weather today, it was just the day to attack my fix it pile.

I've always been super proud of the fact that I can thread a needle and sew on buttons, fix little holes and stitch up hems.  Those are probably the most likely repairs I'll ever need to do myself as a wearer of vintage.  

My grandmother would be happy to know that I can mend these things myself.  She was a proper lady, you know.  She carried a hanky (not a tissue), wrote in her diary every day and would only use the Oxford Dictionary when we played scrabble.  These little details would matter to her.  And, she was the one who taught my mother to sew, who then taught me.  I'll pass that onto my children, too.  My yellow and blue sewing kit is nothing fancy, but it was my mother's gift (fully stocked) to me as I headed off to college.   

It's served me well.


ensembledeux said...

What a lovely dress! I love vintage :)

Monique said...

It's such a great skill to have. I really need to learn! I have my dad mend my clothing.

Putri said...

I'm wondering if you should go back to your college buzz cut? One of these pictures reminds me of it, and you looked so beautiful (as always)!

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