Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Tis the season of birthdays

This post is long overdue, but life gets busy so I guess it's better late than never.  December, January and February in most families is known as Winter.  In our family, it's called Birthday season.  This year I felt much less prepared than in previous years.  Lots more happening in our kiddos' lives with all their activities and homework, so I didn't have much of a jumpstart to plan.

Celebrating  a win.

Still, we pulled off three really ripping parties!

Competition and boys go hand in hand.  Here, it's dodgeball.

The big boy's was probably the most low key.  He's kind of entering that age where birthday parties are kind of not the thing to do anymore.  It kind of makes me sad, actually.  I can't believe he's already this old and soon, he'll be celebrating with all his buddies and not me.

Buddy goofs around with his friends.

For his, we just had about six or seven of his mates over in the gym to play ball games.  No fancy theme, no fancy cakes, but pizza and mookies (his invention of chocolate chip cookies baked like muffins). They're a hit!

Chef Joey shows the girls how to make a pizza.

Now, girl birthday parties are a big deal.  For a while the big girl was deciding between a cooking party or a dancing party.  Given that my dance studio was demolished for the renovations happening at our school, that sort of eliminated the dance option.

Mixing ingredients for mookies.

Instead, my fabulous, amazing hubby took over and lead a class in the cooking classroom.  Ella's girlfriends all got to make their own personal pizzas and a batch of mookies to take home.  On top of that, the hubby even make scrumptious vanilla cupcakes.  Seriously, people, I totally hit the jackpot with my guy.

Blowing out 8 birthday candles!

And, I haven't even gotten to the best part yet...

Cally's birthday party.  You see, Cally knew from day one what her party was going to be.  Side note: our kiddos brainstorm their party ideas together.  It's sweet to watch.  Anyhow, Cally knew she wanted a spy party.

Waiting to enter the Spy Training Academy.

Any ideas about what a spy party actually is?  We didn't know either.

'Landmine' training and please notice Cally's disguise (blue eyelashes).

Then, my Joey had a brainwave.  The party plan came to him in an instant.  QR codes, Buddy dressed up as Dastardly Dan who has stolen the birthday fun and a spy training academy!  Cally's little friends were in for a treat.  I dressed them up in disguises (a little face paint) and then we sent them off.

Scanning QR codes to get the next clue.

Oh boy. Best. Party. Ever.

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