Monday, April 7, 2014

Insta-weekly (lonely wives club)

I'm husband-less this week. It's the middle school's week to take their students away, so the hubby is off in Thailand till Friday.

Day one down. All still accounted for. So far, so good. Check in with me by Thursday.

Went to some fun events this past week and we even got a sneak peek at beach weather on Saturday. I can't wait to be a regular at St Stephens beach again. It's my favorite beach of all.

Here is a peek at the week via Instagram. Follow along @imanorbyah

Accessorizing with my orange umbrella on repeat last week.

Excessive rain also broke the lift, so no #liftdoors to take my #ootds!

Dark skies at mid morning.

Showcasing my ongoing love affair with my glue gun. So good for #repair which is this month's theme for the @getredressed challenge.

Cocktails at the Niin launch (and my fave necklace on the crystal rock).

Wait, sun??? Humanities teachers take classes outside.

Finally got to meet sweet Emily and her super fun sis Sam #mrpawlyn

Other kids make sandcastles, my little girl makes kava #fijitime.

A close game for Wisconsin (not good times when they lost).

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Unknown said...

Love the pics of that beautiful jewelry!!! hope you're week goes by quick and try and enjoy some "ME" time :)

Lady à la Mode

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