Thursday, April 3, 2014

Feel Good Fashion: A growing trend

As much as I'm an Etsy addict and a lover of vintage, one of the things that really inspires me is the growing trend in the fashion industry toward sustainable fashion.  Several weeks ago, I was interviewed by a student for a school broadcast and I was asked about why I like wearing vintage.  For me the answer is simple; wearing vintage feels good.  

That's because I know I'm not contributing to textile waste or supporting unethical practices or contributing to effects of fast fashion on our environment.  Wearing vintage and secondhand (thrifted) clothing means that I'm helping to breathe new life into a garment that still has so much wear left in it.  

These beliefs really lie at the core of how I would define my approach to fashion and how I define my style.  In Hong Kong, I've found that there are many like-minded people who share my beliefs and I feel lucky to be able to count myself a part of their community.

So, for a while now I've wanted to introduce some of these creative people here on my blog.  I've had this idea for a series cooking in my brain and I can't wait to showcase some of the inspiring and creative talent here in Hong Kong.

My friends Tania and Sam, creators of the online boutique A Boy Named Sue, state their beliefs about sustainability very clearly on their website.  I think their idea of this Sustainability Triangle align very well with my own beliefs about Feel Good Fashion.  The growing trend is to support designers with eco-conscious principles driving how they design their clothing (like the Eco Fashion Show), fashion companies which are also social enterprises (think Toms shoes) and collaborations with local designers (Tangram x Goods of Desire).

Feel Good Fashion.  

I'm excited about this series.  I hope you are, too.

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