Sunday, March 16, 2014

Talk to me!

I'm back on the grid.  Back online.  Connected to WiFi and 3G, Facebook and Instagram.  Back on the blog.  Though I have to say, I really enjoyed the break.  

So many children, Losa, Mary and Amelia to name a few.

Village colors.

Village life in Fiji, in Rukurukulevu, is simple.  Simply perfect.  A tropical paradise, but a genuine experience with big spiders and bugs, LOTS of mosquitos, searing hot and humid weather, no air-con, and cold showers.

These sweet village girls.

But a week in Rukurukulevu reminds me of the importance of real human connections.  Of face to face conversations.  Of stopping to sit and enjoy the cool breeze in a shady spot.  Of laughing like a child when something is funny.  Of singing loudly when you're happy.  Of hugging someone you care about.  And most importantly of feeling truly blessed that I can fully embrace and appreciate someone else's culture as a local.

Catching a ride, the local way.

Though I'm glad to be home, sleeping in my own bed, having a nice warm shower, snuggling with my own children, I really felt their presence all week as I wandered the village.  I knew they were there with me because the villagers knew them now.  So catching up on all their news meant they wanted to catch up on all our news.  We really are like family friends.

Nani, whose room I sleep in every year.

My host, Snake with Hong Kong Samu (my co-leader).

And, oh...the sunsets.
Endless skies.

***the name of this post comes from a silly expression we used all week, coined by one of our local tour guides, said in a truly silly voice.  Oh, the laughter.

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