Thursday, March 6, 2014

A spot of trouble

Or really, I could have named this post, What to do when you can play connect the dots on your face... ARGH!  How can it even be fair to be plagued by acne when you're nearly 40???  

So, I indulged in my menstral cravings last week and paid the price.  It didn't seem like a bad idea at the time when I was stuffing the brownie (and many other things that we'll not mention) in my face.  I suppose, after all this time, I should know better.  Well, I don't.  I was stressed.  There.

Of course, I didn't think about the fact that I had a couple of fashion-related events, did I.  No.  It would have been nice if my zits had at least chosen to stay on one side of my face so that I could sit facing people on the good side.  Nope, couldn't do that either.

And do you know that outfit posts are nearly impossible when you don't want to zoom in for detail?  Do you see how far away I am in the first shot?  My mum had to say she thought she should come at least a little bit closer.  It was ridiculous.  And, then of course, the catch is that having these unsightly blemishes on your face creates more stress and they take longer to go away.  Sigh.

These photographs were taken last week on Art Wednesday, when it was so insanely beautiful out that we decided it would be nice to wait for Ella and do Cally's homework along the waterfront, sipping a glass of wine, instead of in our usual coffee shop.  The weather's since turned wet and cold again.  Like the kind of wet where it rains, but you can't really see it's raining.  I thought I was mad for picking up a wool coat and a wool dress at Swap and Shop because Spring was around the corner, but here I sit, snuggled up on my couch in said wool dress and tights.

The dress in the pictures comes from my favorite thrift shop in Hong Kong, Me & Gee (I wrote about it here).  The nude/blush color is so on trend right now, especially contrasted with the black.  It's got little polka dots in the fabric (any surprises?) and even my tights have polka dots.  

Sorry, though, I wouldn't let my mum close enough for that detail.

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Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

I love the dress! And yes, face problems always seem to happen at the worst time.... :P Although on the plus side, for photos they can be removed with a single click. Not so much in real life, unfortunately...

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