Monday, February 17, 2014

Squarestreet x Moheda Clogs

Over CNY I had the pleasure of doing a styling session over at Squarestreet with the new clogs they have stocked in their shop right now.  The clogs are Moheda brand from Sweden.

I admit I had never heard of Moheda clogs before, but once I learned about their brand, I was excited to be invited to help highlight these shoes for Squarestreet.  

That's because I learned that these clogs are still produced in the small village of Moheda, in Sweden, over the last five generations by the same family.  Read their story here.

The factory produces these fashion clogs, but also the more traditional clogs, workwear clogs and footwear, all recognized and worn locally by real people.  It's just the kind of story about a real connection between the consumer and the manufacturer that feels good.  No sweatshops, no cheap labor in a factory in some South Asian country with poor working conditions, and a good quality product made by the factory's skilled workmen.  

And, I love them. 

The heel height is just perfect so that they are good for everyday wear.

The styles are so versatile that you can wear them with skirts and dresses or pants and leggings.  

VOID watch from Squarestreet.

Or even fun socks or tights.

And the colors.  Oh, the colors.  For me, I think that was my favorite part.  The colors of these clogs were like candy.  So many to choose from.  I really think those raspberry red ones are going to be hot sellers.

I was really lucky to be photographed by Patrick Kim-Gustafson, a talented friend of Squarestreet owners and designers, David and Alexis.  Together Patrick and I searched around the urban jungle of Sheung Wan for locations, finally finding a small patch of green for these last pictures.  We had loads of fun shooting and I was glad he could fix up my knees and veiny feet using his photoshop skills.  Who knew how much veins could show up.  Mine are like bloody roadmaps!  And of course, the sweet Natalie (a fellow vintage lover and Squarestreet shop and brand manager) and I had fun with the styling.

If you're in Hong Kong, you must stop by to try these clogs on at Squarestreet (and drool over the other amazing accessories including their own Gram footwear and VOID watches).  Squarestreet is located at G/F 15 Square Street, Sheung Wan around the corner from the Man Mo Temple on Hollywood Road.  Or, if you aren't, check out their website, here.

*see more pictures from this shoot and more of the shoes themselves over on Squarestreet's Facebook page and on their Instagram feed @squarestreet


Collections said...

These photos are stunning and I adore the shoes!! What a fun shoot.

Putri said...

love them porker!!! and i love those sunnies on you!! you are so beautiful!

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