Monday, February 24, 2014


Lots of Cally on my newsfeed lately. She turned five and we had a party for her then she had a dance performance. Busy, busy.

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Desperately trying to get back into exercise after the CNY holiday.

Cally's spy birthday party.

Following the @getredressed #durability challenge for February (what do you have that's older than five years?)

Banana bombing on my desk at work.

Tax time. What a bummer!

This giordano scarf is at least six years old #durability.

Cally two ways (with Mummy's input and without).

Getting ready to dance means makeup and hair!

A rugby tourney, ballet practice and HKD to supervise. All in one day's running with the #kidaccessories

Cally brings up the caboose. Oh, that smile...

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