Monday, February 3, 2014

Insta-weekly: CNY edition

We've been on holiday for the last four days. A week off for Chinese New Year is definitely a perk of living in Asia. Little Cally actually has two weeks off. It's been unseasonably warm and sunny, and with the usual blue skies we get when all the factories in China take a break, it hardly feels like winter.

I'm enjoying morning coffees on our rooftop and lots of catching up with friends.

Happy new year of the horse! Can't believe my big boy turns 12 this year.

Sweet Hughie, the kids' art teacher.

Redressed my #lbd one last time.

Buddy helps me carry the groceries.

Joe's pizza with friends.

A new year do. 

Firework viewing from Bowen road.

Terror and bewilderment all at once.

Rooftop vintage laundering.

And morning coffees.

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