Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ella says

Ella, because of her sweet innocence, sometimes says the most amazing things.  They catch us off guard, make us giggle and at the same time make us feel incredibly proud.

This story has some background.  First, you must know that we don't 'hide' certain parts of life from our children.  We are as honest as possible because we want them to have an open mind.  Over the last few years, our summer visits to NYC usually coincide with the Gay Pride parade and my sister lives in the West Village.  The kids love it.  And, they also 'get' it, too.  Last year's parade was huge with the ruling that the DOMA Act is unconstitutional. And, our kids really believe that there should be nothing in the way of two people who love each other getting married.

Second, around Christmas time, the girls came with me to a Christmas pop up event in which they met some friends of ours who are lesbians.  At first, Ella was confused.  She put two and two together and realized that our friends who are a couple are actually two women.  She turned to me and asked, but how can they be together, Mumma? Without much thought, I answered simply and honestly, you don't have to be a man and woman to love each other.  That was all she needed.

So, a few weeks ago at dinner, after Ella had been her usual sweet self to her siblings, I smiled at her and said something along the lines of someday, you'll make some man really lucky.  The hubby in his infinite wisdom and political correctness quickly corrected me and said, or some person, so I corrected myself as well.

To this, Ella added, I could be gay!

All we could do was agree, so you could!  

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Putri said...

lovely ella....whoever is lucky enough to spend time with her one day, will have to thank their lucky stars because she's one in a million. the sweetest ever.

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